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आवृत्ती 16.0.2168.103662 2 दिवस आधी

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Browse the Internet, with great safety and speed, with the help of Opera Mini – fast web browser.

Use Opera Mini for the best Internet surfing experience. Not only is it the safest and most stable browser in the market but it also manages to save your Internet data usage.

Use Opera Mini’s ad-blocker to surf the internet freely without having ads pop up left, right and center and save your favorite pages, create bookmarks and access them in whatever device you want!

There are some neat practical features to Opera Mini too! Open several pages at the same time with the help of tabs, without your device’s performance taking a hit; download any videos available online with a simple button tap (not counting YouTube) and use Night mode to dim you screen at night.

Opera Mini downloads whatever you want, the smart way. Files can be downloaded in the background or put on hold until you’ve got a Wi-Fi connection. All in service of you not spending all your Internet data!

Of course, Opera Mini cares about your privacy and there is the option to browse the Internet privately, when you don’t want your history log to be clogged with too much information.

Safely browse the Internet, with the smoothest and quickest browser for your Android device - Opera Mini – fast web browser!

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APK ची माहिती Opera Mini - fast web browser

APK आवृत्ती 16.0.2168.103662
सुसंगती Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread)
निर्माता Opera Software ASA
गोपनीयता धोरण http://www.opera.com/privacy
परवानग्या 21

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